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Awarded Fellowships

Year Name Degree Institution Topic
1997 MaryLynn Musgrove Ph.D. University of Texas High-resolution Temporal Variations in Groundwater Chemistry: Tracing the Links between Climate and Hydrology in a Karst System
1998 G.O. Graening Ph.D. University of Arkansas Trophic Dynamics of an Ozark Cave Stream Ecosystem
1999 Greg Springer Ph.D. Colorado State University Quantitative Modeling of Stream Flow Hydrology and Energy Expenditure within a Karst Stream
2000 Gregory Stock Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz Records of River Incision and Climate Change from Cave in the Sierra Nevada, California
2001 Matthew C. Hazelton Undergraduate Wittenberg University Impacts of coliform bacteria and limestone sediment contamination in Pless Cave, Lawrence County, Indiana
2001 David A. Shank M.S. University of Akron Aquifer Development and Paleohydrology of the Scott Hollow Drainage Basin, Southeast West Virginia
2001 Megan L. Porter Ph.D. Brigham Young University Cave Organisms and the Evolution of Visiual Pigments: Mysid Shrimp as Model Organisms
2002 Darcy Gibbons M.S. Texas A&M University GIS and Bermuda Cave Conservation
2002 Karen E. Samonds Ph.D. State University of New York--Stony Brook The Origin and Evolution of Extant Malagasy Bats: Implications of New Late Pleistocene Fossils for Reconstructing Madagascar's Biogeographic History
2003 Michael P. Venarsky M.S. Southern Illinois University Carbondale The Lifespan, Reproductive Timing, and Populations Genetics of the endangered Illinois Cave Amphipod, Gammarus acherondytes (Gammaridae)
2003 Holley Moytes Ph.D. State University of New York--Buffalo Caves and Collapse: Correlating the Paleoenvironment with Human Action
2004 Steven M. Thomas Undergraduate San Diego State University Preliminary report of the utility of mitochondrial DNA sequence markers in distinguishing Texas cave Texella species.
2005 Jennifer E. Buhay Ph.D. Brigham Young University Evolutionary History and Comtemporary Gene Flow of Cave Crayfishes
2006 Benjamin Schwartz Ph.D. VPI & SU A Multi-Method Approach To Characterizing Sinkhole Hydrogeology and Recharge Mechanisms in Agricultural Settings
2007 Robert F. Hegemann Undergraduate Pennsylvania State University Microbial Influence on Carbonate Dissolution in Stratified Water in the Frasassi Cave System, Italy
2007 Benjamin T. Hutchins M.S. American University Determination of Genetic Divergence Among Populations of the Madison Cave Isopod Use (i)Antrolana Lira
2007 Matthew Garcia Undergraduate University of New Mexico What controls species diversity of lava tube microbial communities?
2007 Monica Moya Undergraduate University of New Mexico Microbial communities associated with ferromanganese deposits of Spider & Lechuguillla Caves, Carlsbad, New Mexico.
2008 Justin Boyles Ph.D. xxxxx The ecology, physiology, and conservation of cavernicolous bats in the eastern United States.
2008 Noah McDougall Undergraduate xxxxx To influence future land use decisions and improve pollution prevention through a characterization of the hydrogeology of Dry Valley.
2008 Shahan Derkarabetian M.S. xxxxx Systematics of the subfamily Schlerobuninae, with an assessment of troglomorphic evolution within Cyptobunus (Opiliones, Laniatores
2009 Aurel Persoiu Ph.D. University of South Florida, Tampa, US Obtain a high-resolution (decadal or better) record of past climatic variability in East-Central Europe for the last ~10,000 years, using oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope composition in perennial ice deposits in caves as proxies for air temperature.
2009 Brock Huntsman M.S. xxxxx The Effects of Energy-Limited Ecosystems on a Top Ecological Predator.
2009 Kaitlin Esson Undergraduate American University What drives shrimp size and community structure in karst springs.
2010 No Scholarships Awarded.
2011 Lory Henderson Undergraduate University of New Mexico Hidden treasure lies beneath the Earth's surface: Do nutrient availability and human impact correlate to antibiotic production in cave bacteria? $5,000
2011 Cameron T. Craig M.S. University of Alabama Investigating Limiting Factors in Surface vs. Subterranean Systems: A Threshold Elemental Ratio Approach $5,000
2011 Katrina Koski Ph.D. New Mexico Tech Hyporheic Zone Exchange in Phreatic Karst Conduits and Contaminant Implications $15,000
2012 Amelia Weiss Undergraduate University of California, Berkeley Abiotic influences on the distirbutions of tropical cavernicoles
2012 Tracy Audisio M.S. San Francisco State University Taxonomic revision and phylogeny of the cavernicolous spider genus Yorima
2012 Terri Brown Ph.D. University of Tennessee Characteristics and dynamics of dissolved organic carbon in caves, especially with respect to chemoautotrophy, heretofore thought to be limited to a very few caves.
2013 Linnea Carver Undergraduate University of the South, Sewanee Reproduction, feeding and diversity of cave spiders in the Southern Appalachians.
2013 Flora Sperberg M.S. University of Puerto Rico Reconstructing a record of hydroclimate variability over the last two millennia using speleothems collected from Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
2013 Shahan Derkarabetian Ph.D. San Diego State University Explore the genetic processes underlying cave adaptation.
2014 Ben Freidel M.S. American University Cryptic Variation in the Morphological Evolution of Eye Loss in Subterranean Amphipods.
2014 Justina Dacey M.S. University of Jacksonville Stable isotopes and ion concentrations as tracers for groundwater-surface water interactions on the the St. Johns River.
2014 Kathleen Brannen Ph.D. University of Tennessee Comparative metagenomics of microbial succession reveals complex dissolvedd organic matter cycling in an epigenic cave stream
2015 Alison DeVivero Undergraduate Jacksonville University (Department of Biology and Marine Science) “Geochemical Investigation of Discharging Submarine Springs and Source Waters San Salvador, Bahamas”
2015 Allan Cabrero M.S. San Diego State University (Department of Biology) “Lava tube landscape genomics of the cave harvestmen Speleonychia sengeri (Opiliones, Briggsidae)”
2015 Charles D.R. Stephen Ph.D. Auburn University (Department of Biological Sciences) “A revision of two problematic pseudoscorpion clades and an exploratory transcriptomic approach to examining troglomorphic evolution in pseudoscorpions”
2016 Abigail Harmon Undergraduate University of Tennessee – Knoxville “ Evaluating the impact of minor anthropogenic activites in a seemingly pristine karst watershed, Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky”
2016 Kelsey Budahn M.S. University of Akron (Department of Geology) “Condensation Corrosion Processes, Products, and Influence on Cave Morphologies in the Iberian Chain, Spain”
2016 David Brankovits Ph.D. Texas A&M at Galveston (Marine Biology Interdisciplinary Program “A Biogeochemical Investigation of the Carbon Cycling and Methane Dynamics in an Anchialine Cave Ecosystem in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico” Nature Communications 28 November 2017
Victoria E. Frazier
Undergraduate University of South Florida “Microbial-Driven Limestone Dissolution in a Coastal Karst System”
2017 Elizabeth Willenbrink M.S. Western Kentucky University (Department of Geology) “Policy Communication and the Impact of Agricultural Communities on Karst Landscapes: A Case Study in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam”
2017 Aron Katz Ph.D. University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (Department of Entomology) “Cave Springtrail Phylogeography Across the Mississippi River Valley"
2018 Meredith Snyder Undergraduate University of South Florida (Department of Cell, Molecular Biology & Microbiology) “Characterization and Analysis of the Crab Creek Cave Biofilm Community”
2018 Chelsey Kipper M.S. Western Kentucky University (Department of Geography and Geology) “A geochemical comparison of two telogenetic karst springs during reverse flow, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky”
2018 Olivia Hershey Ph.D. University of Akron (Department of Integrated Bioscience) "Ultra-small cells in the Wind Cave lakes: A metagenomic investigation of the microbial community within a karst aquifer"
2019 Levi Trumbore Undergraduate University of the South (Department of Biology) “Cave Biodiversity of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park”
2019 Anna Harris M.S. Western Kentucky University (Department of Geography and Geology) “Quantifying the impacts of timber harvest on karst systems in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska”
2019 Lauren Ballou Ph.D. Texas A&M-Galveston (Department of Marine Biology) “Assessing the biogeographic distribution of anchialine cave fauna using Typhlatya (Crustacea: Atyidae) and Remipedia (Crustacea) as model taxa”
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