The Cave Conservancy Foundation awards grants for the study of environment projects, public awareness of caves and karst lands primarily in the areas outside of Virginia and West Virginia. The deadline for major grants is March 1st and October 1st. Minor grant requests, $1000 or less, may be submitted for consideration at any time.

Grant Application document links

Grant Application Word Document (.docx)

Grant Application PDF


Below is a sample of past recipients of CCF Grants


Karst Waters Institute
National Speleological Society
West VA Cave Conservancy
Tongss Cave Project
UAYCEF Speleological Society
Wisconsin Speleological Society
Maymont Foundation
Hanover Christmas Mother
YMCA Christmas Connection

  Glen Allen Community Church
Farrington Volunteer Fire Department
Tuckahoe YMCA
Episcopal Charities 911
Ashland Volunteer Rescue Squad
Living on Karst (Self Published)
Biology Field Camp/K.W.I.
American Red Cross
American Heart Association


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